Success Stories

Story 7: Three young ladies started a small selling pointin the village from empty pocket.
Byukusenge Valentine is selling vegetables in Buhokoro BYUKUSENGE Valentine is 18years old, NYIRAHABIMANA Rebecca is 19years old, and MUKAMURENZI Mado is 21 years old. Theyhave been members of ICYEREKEZO Village…
Story 6: Jean Paul KARENZI – Journey to self-reliance
Jean Paul KARENZI is a 30 years old man, a member of ICYEREKEZO Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) since September 2015. This association is located in GASHONGA sector, RUSIZI…
Story 4: Mrs. NYIRAHABIMANA Francine–On way towards resilience!
Mrs. Francine NYIRAHABIMANA in her Boutique Mrs. Nyirahabimana Francine is a 32 years old, married woman, with 5 children among them one childis an adopted. She is a member of…
Story 3: Ms. MUSABENDE Suzan - Journey towards to success!
Ms. Suzan Musabende Ms. Musabende Suzan is a 24 years old lady, she is single. She has been a member of KUNDUMURIMO VSLA located in Ruhango village, Kagarama cell, Mahembe…
Story 2: Mr. TUYISENGE Jean Pierre created his own business and offers job to Youth!
Mr. Jean Pierre Tuyisenge in his small workshop Mr. TUYISENGE Jean Pierre is a 23 years old boy living in GAHINGA cell, MURURU sector, Tel: +250784311386. He lives with disabilities.…
Story 1: Mrs. NYINAWISHEMA Chantal is enjoying joyful life!
Mrs. Nyinawishema Chantal (In white & orange round-neck T-shirt) Mrs. NYINAWISHEMA Chantal is a 27 years old woman. She is married but has not a child. She and her husband…

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