Story 1: Mrs. NYINAWISHEMA Chantal is enjoying joyful life!

Mrs. Nyinawishema Chantal (In white & orange round-neck T-shirt)

Mrs. NYINAWISHEMA Chantal is a 27 years old woman. She is married but has not a child. She and her husband lived in Muganza Sector, Rusizi District, Western Province.

While she joined TWISUNGANE VSLA (Village Saving and Loan Association)in September of 2015,she was jobless and lived in poverty at extent she wasunable to satisfy basic needs in her household. She frequently lived in excessive dispute with her husband which later caused their separation. This separation brought to her both financial and mental disappointment because she left her house without anything.In such situation, she started thinking about how she could improve her life. “I had not given any more consideration to an idea of investing in the income generating activities”, said Nyinawishema Chantal.

After joining a VSLA, she got trained on VSLA methodology and benefits of being in group with others.“After being trained I changed my attitudes and behavior in terms of financial literacy and self-esteem”, added Nyinawishema Chantal.

She started to savewith a target of promoting her living conditions. Four (4) months later (January 2016), she had saved 23,000 Rwf. She got a small loan of 70,000Rwf and bought an ordinary tailoring machine and joined a tailoring cooperative in Gakoni Cell, Muganza sector.

Currently, she manages one income-generating activity of tailoring. Her incomes have increased as she earns 3000 Rwf per day, i.e. 90,000Rwf per month, in average. Today, she is able to expand her business toneeded tailoring products in line with local customers demand. Therefore, she is able to satisfy her basic needs. She isgrateful to World Vision Rwanda/ CORE Project for introducing VSLA Model in her village.

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