Story 2: Mr. TUYISENGE Jean Pierre created his own business and offers job to Youth!

Mr. Jean Pierre Tuyisenge in his small workshop

Mr. TUYISENGE Jean Pierre is a 23 years old boy living in GAHINGA cell, MURURU sector, Tel: +250784311386. He lives with disabilities. He has been trained by World Vision Rwanda / CORE Project on Entrepreneurship at centre Pastorale Diocesain INCUTI, from 10-13/November 2015. “One of the modules of Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship skills: Mindset change for prosperity and business plan development) has been crucial and significantly impacted my life”, said Tuyisenge Jean Pierre.

Jean Pierre 2Previously, Jean Pierre had been trained on shoes-making in Nyaruguru District by Emmanuel SIMUGOMWA (who has been trained by World Vision Rwanda in Nyaruguru Area Development Program).

After benefiting from a training on entrepreneurship skills, he started creating his own business by making leather shoes with initial capital of 300,000 Rwf in late November 2015. After 3 months running his business, he started offering job to youth especially those who have disabilities. He employed Mr. Havugimana Jeremie, a 27 years old man, who witnesses to earn an amount of 1,500 Rwf per day, from Jean Pierre’s enterprise.

Now, Jean Pierre owns his small enterprise which is producing leather products for local market (touristic area, Hotels, etc…) and cross-border market (in nearby areas of DRC and Burundi). As results, his weekly earnings varies from 20,000 Rwf to 40,000 Rwf.

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