Story 3: Ms. MUSABENDE Suzan - Journey towards to success!

Ms. Suzan Musabende

Ms. Musabende Suzan is a 24 years old lady, she is single. She has been a member of KUNDUMURIMO VSLA located in Ruhango village, Kagarama cell, Mahembe sector in Nyamasheke district, since December 2015.

Musabende Suzan dropped out of school when she was in Primary school level 5. Since then she started to help her parents in farming activities in their small plot of land. Since that plot was too small, it was quite difficult to feed eight members ofthe household.In this situation, Suzan was scared and hopeless. Sheused to wonderhow her future will look like because she was unable to start any income generating activity.

“World Vision Rwanda / CORE Project came as a solution of not only my problems but also our village, Ruhango”, said Musabende Suzan.

In January 2016, she borrowed 5,000 Rwf in KUNDUMURIMOVSLA (she is a member) to run a business of trading vegetables in Kagarama market. Suzan witnesses that she can easily earn 5,000 Rwf per week. She uses one part of the income to reinvest in her business as a way to bust the business, and saves the remaining part in the Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) she belongs to. Suzan wishes to see her VSLA (KUNDUMURIMO)gets linked to Micro Finance Institutions in order to access to bigger loans to expand her business.

As a result, Suzan is able to pay medical insurance for her family and survives thanks to her business. Suzan is very thankful to CORE Project.

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