Story 4: Mrs. NYIRAHABIMANA Francine–On way towards resilience!

Mrs. Francine NYIRAHABIMANA in her Boutique

Mrs. Nyirahabimana Francine is a 32 years old, married woman, with 5 children among them one childis an adopted. She is a member of ABAJYAMUGAMBI VSLA located in Gihinga village, Shara cell, Kagano sector in Nyamasheke district.

Before joining the VSLA, she was trading few goods in carton (box) around street in the village. That business was unable to satisfy household needs. Later on, she has been sensitized by a Village Agent who was trained by World Vision Rwanda / CORE Project to join a Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA), as result, she joined VSLA in November of 2015. Since then, Francine started to purchase shares in ABAJYAMUGAMBI VSLA. In December 2015, Francine borrowed 60,000 Rwf from VSLA for busting his business of retailing goods in a small shop (Boutique) in the Village (Gihinga). “My weekly earnings grew up to 10,000 Rwf after getting a loan from VSLA”, said Francine Nyirahabimana.


Mrs. Francine NYIRAHABIMANA built a bread-oven

 Francine also started a business of baking cakes and breads, she built near her boutique a bread oven from which she is able to earn more than 5,000 Rwf.She dreams to have linked to Micro-Finance Institutions so that she can get bigger loan.

As result, with smiley face, Mrs. Francine is happy with hope for the bright future. She is able to pay health insurance for all her family members and her children are growing well as they are well nourished.

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