Story 6: Jean Paul KARENZI – Journey to self-reliance

Jean Paul KARENZI is a 30 years old man, a member of ICYEREKEZO Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) since September 2015. This association is located in GASHONGA sector, RUSIZI District.

Jean Paul faced a lot of problem of employment. Before joining the association (VSLA) I encountered a lot problemsdue tounemployment,   I considered myself as if I was marginalised, disappointed, without self-esteem, working and living without a clear vision or a purpose. I only lived under dependency of my parents. After joining the association, I learnt toset a clear goal and designed a roadmap towardsbetter life. I learnt to save and invest my moneyin the business”,said Karenzi.

Since I have joined ICYEREKEZO VSLA (September 2015), I started saving an amount of 200 Rwf per week, when my total savings were 9000 Rwf, I borrowed from the VSLA an amount of 27,000 Rwf and added few amount of money that I had from my pocket and started a Hair-Dressing Saloon.I am able to earn an average interests of 5,000 Rwf per week. From earning of this business, I have been able to create another business of selling airtime, added Karenzi.

Jean Paul Karenzi recognizes the effort of World Vision Rwanda / CORE project for organizing a training on VSLA Methodology and mindset change for prosperity.

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