Story 7: Three young ladies started a small selling pointin the village from empty pocket.

Byukusenge Valentine is selling vegetables in Buhokoro

BYUKUSENGE Valentine is 18years old, NYIRAHABIMANA Rebecca is 19years old, and MUKAMURENZI Mado is 21 years old. Theyhave been members of ICYEREKEZO Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA)since September 2015. They have benefited from different trainings of VSLAs such as VSLA methodology, entrepreneurship, business facilitation and financial literacy.

After being trained on entrepreneurship skills, they started to make their regular savingsof money. They started to borrow small loans with target to create small income generating activities. They started a small business of selling vegetables and fruit in their village (they are the only ones to start this selling point). Every Wednesday and Saturday they go out the village to bring vegetables and retail themin the small selling point (in Buhokoro cell) where they manage to get benefits from their business. From their initiative of innovation, nowadays the evening market is running and attended by many people from their village

BYUKUSENGE Valentine: “ I took my first loan of 3000 Rwf in November 2015. Every Wednesday in the morning, I go to Gishoma to purchase a basket of tomatoes for retailingin Buhokoro market. I am able to get an interest of 3000 Rwf per week.I took a second loan of 12,000 Rwf on 19th February 2016, to buy a pig that I expect to establish a big boutique in town”, said Valentine

rebecca1NYIRAHABIMANA Rebecca: “Before joining ICYEREKEZO VSLA I was unemployed, I considered myself to be marginalised, disappointed and I had not self-esteem. I agreed with my friends Mado and Valentine to start a business of sourcing vegetables in Gishoma and retail in Buhokoro market, I started with a loan of 4000 Rwf (from VSLA) for the first phase. I took a loan of 12,000 Rwf for the second phase on 19th February 2016.Currently, I am ableto get an average interest of 2000 Rwf per week”, said Rebecca.

Mado MukamurenziMado MUKAMURENZI: ” before joining ICYEREKEZO VSLA I was waitingassistance that enhance dependency on my parents and misunderstanding of several business opportunities in this area, but after joining the group I benefited various training and get a loan of 2000 Rwf from a group in the beginning and enabling me to make a benefit of more than 2000 per week and lastly I took a loan of 12,000 Rwf. Nowadays, I and my friends ; valentine and Rebecca have a target of having a very vibrant boutique in Kamembe.” Said Mado

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