Empowering Women in ICT4D: A strategic way of Impacting Communities
CORE Project is endeavouring to empower women in off-farm businesses, through using Information and Communication for development of their businesses. Training sessions are being conducted across Rusizi and Nyamasheke Districts through established and supported Community Knowledge Centers (CKCs). Empowering women…
Community forums were proved to be convinient space to change mindset of people
CORE Project in partnership with local government at all levels, organizes community forums to mobilize and sensitise Youth and Women for off-farm businesses, working with micro-finance institutions, creating saving and loan associations, and using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for…
Jelly Making by COOPAGARU
After a long period of wasting honey residue, Gashonga cooperative members in Rusizi District thought of how they can add value to these honey residues for income generation. In that regard, 16 women and 3 young girls from Cooperative Apicluture…
CORE Project is breaking gender barriers
KOTUMU is one of the cooperatives using Internet at work to improve their welding skills and ultimately raise their income. It is specialising in welding services in Rwanda and has doubled its income. The cooperative is currently able to sell…

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