Women Cooperative inspired to manufacture Vaseline from honey residues

Jelly Making by COOPAGARU Jelly Making by COOPAGARU

After a long period of wasting honey residue, Gashonga cooperative members in Rusizi District thought of how they can add value to these honey residues for income generation. In that regard, 16 women and 3 young girls from Cooperative Apicluture of Gashonga Rusizi (COOPAGARU), in partnership with Gashonga Sector and CORE Project received training in making Jelly from honey.They were also trained on how to make pure Vaseline using jelly bees and other products. Currently, they are producing and selling their products to different markets in Rusizi district and neigboring countries like DRC.

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                                      Vaseline parked in bottle (Left) made from honey residues on the right

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